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Hi. I’m San Francisco bay area swim coach Scott Shea.

I help adult athletes and business professionals gain the competitive advantage they need to thrive in their life and work. Swimming develops physical and mental strength you can transfer to you life outside the pool – whether you are competing at sport or in the boardroom.

When you’re ready to get fitter or reclaim your edge, I can help you get there. The athletes and professionals I’ve coached have reached the highest levels of their profession. So can you.

“Develop physical and mental
strength that you can transfer
to your life outside the pool”

Swimming For Change

As we age, our bodies naturally change – we grow physically in areas we may not want to, and our energy level declines. The everyday stressors on our life – work, family, public obligations – often take time away from taking care of ourselves.

Exercise is essential to combat the natural affects of aging. In addition to the physical benefits, regular exercise is proven to increase mental capacity and sharpness, as well as having profound impacts on the brain chemicals that affect our mood – specifically reducing stress and depression.

If you are at a point in your life where you are not as strong or sharp as you’d like to be, swimming can rebuild your body and increase your mental aptitude.

Swimming is a whole-body workout. It’s far less punishing on your body that weightlifting and other high-impact exercise, and burns calories at a higher rate than almost any other exercise.

Why Swim?

  • Low impact, whole body workout
  • Burn more calories in less time
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Increase energy
  • Reduce stress

Learn to feel good about where you are

My Approach

First, I work with you to learn what you need to accomplish, then evaluate your needs and create a customized training plan that helps you grow and reach your goals.

As a partner in your success, we’ll break down your goals into achievable objectives, creating smaller “wins” that when combined, lead to lasting and meaningful change.

I help clients reduce stress about competition – teaching you to feel good about where you are and allowing you to perform with confidence at your highest level.

You’ll learn to feel good about where you are, reduce stress about competition, and perform with confidence at your highest level.

It’s your mental state that determines your success

Coach to your Level

If you’ve never swam before, we’ll start by acquiring the skills you need to be successful and comfortable in the water. You’ll learn the physical mechanics of swimming, and how to overcome the mental barriers we put in front of ourselves – providing you with a psychological advantage you can leverage in all aspects of your life.

If you are an experienced swimmer or a professional swimmer looking to reach another level, we’ll focus on technique-based performance goals. I’ll identify areas where small tweaks can have big impacts.

Anyone can acquire the physical skills – It’s your mental state that determines whether you are successful or not. I’ll help you overcome mental barriers that may be holding you back from competing at your highest level.

About Coach Scott

Coach Scott comes from a rich swim background. Scott led Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics (PASA) and was instrumental in growing the team from a recreation team of 20 swimmers (at SCRA) to a strong swimming family of 1,200+ swimmers. He repeated that success with the Sierra Marlins, growing the team 50%, and placing top 5 at Junior Nationals.

His passion and drive to make the team its best is evident in the swimmers’ success. Under his leadership, PASA won 2 women’s national titles, 3 team Junior National titles, and numerous Sectionals and Far Western Championships. Since 2000, his Senior group has produced 80+ Junior National qualifiers, 30+ National qualifiers, 14 Olympic Trial Qualifiers, 4 National Junior Team members, 4 USA University Games Qualifiers and a National team member. In 2004, Scott was named Pacific Swimming coach of the year, in 2009 he was named co-coach of the meet at National Club Swimming Association’s (NCSA) Junior Nationals, and 2014 was SN Coach of the Year.

Recently Coach Scott Shea served USA Swimming as the Western Zone development consultant, visiting and helping 80+ teams during his time. Additionally he taught USA Swimming club leadership and business management school.

Scott attended the University of California – Davis, where he received Bachelors of Science in Psychology. In addition to swimming, he has taken Level 1 CrossFit, CF endurance running, CF endurance swimming, and CF Football (all sport). He has earned American Swim Coaches Association Level 4 certification (top 8% of the swimming coaches in the nation).

Accomplishments + Certifications

  • Pacific Swimming coach of the year – 2004
  • NCSA Junior Nationals Co-coach – 2009
  • SN Coach of the Year – 2014
  • USA Swimming Western Zone development consultant
  • American Swim Coaches Association Level 4 certification

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